NSFW Boudoir Photography is for anyone and everyone who has the courage to leap outside their comfort zones, reveal who they truly are, and embrace their sensuality.

A crucial part of the human experience is sexuality. It fuels our passion and drives us to yearn. Sometimes it’s exciting while other times it’s gritty and messy, but no matter what, it makes us vulnerable. And it is that vulnerability we seek to capture during our boudoir sessions - to capture the essence of who you are. When you’re with us, we are here to tell the story of you, no one else. We are here to honor your authenticity and acknowledge your strength and beauty through your vulnerability.

We are Ed & Aileen - high school sweethearts and an award-winning, published husband and wife photography team based in Chicago, IL. In 2015, we launched Ed & Aileen Photography for couples who wanted to have their wedding stories told through real emotion and a photojournalistic lens. We are incredibly humbled at the privilege of being trusted to document these once in a lifetime moments. With it, we have come to realize how empowering photography can be. And that has led us to NSFW Boudoir Photography: a boudoir studio with a mission to honor human sensuality and human connection.



the team


A visual storyteller who seeks beauty in the everyday. Feminist. Headstrong.

A documentarian who believes photography can empower and transform. Humanist. Empathic.