Inclusive Boudoir Photography in Chicago: The NSFW Philosophy


NSFW totally jives with our entire philosophy about inclusive boudoir photography and it’s the reason we decided to start shooting boudoir in the first place! What better way to encourage people from all walks of life to take a beat to embrace who they are and look at themselves with love and acceptance?

After photographing weddings for several years, we decided to start adding more boudoir photography to the mix. And, you know when something just clicks (😂) right away? Even after that first boudoir shoot, we knew we were onto something good and couldn’t wait to keep exploring this incredible and intimate form of art.

But why were we drawn to boudoir photography? Well, for multiple reasons! 

A woman wearing red lingerie lying on a wood floor with her arms wrapped around herself during a boudoir shoot in Chicago.

One is the same reason why we love shooting weddings—despite everyone having a camera in their pocket these days, people rarely have the opportunity to be photographed without worrying about the camera. To just be you, relax, and enjoy the whole process (and the results!). 

Boudoir photography, like weddings, allows us to capture you in this moment—your sensuality and vulnerability (and connection, in couples boudoir sessions)—in a way you might never see for yourself. And we think that’s pretty freaking cool. 

A man wearing underwear sitting in bed during a male boudoir photography session in Chicago.

Which brings us to our next reason for shooting inclusive boudoir photography. 

We strongly believe that each individual has a unique sexual power that deserves to be celebrated. EVERYONE is beautiful, and everyone deserves to have their story told—no matter their shape, size, gender, orientation, or race.

However, many of us are surrounded by influences that would have us believe differently. Even the word sexuality can conjure up something almost distasteful or shameful to some people. And, to put it frankly, we think that just sucks

A woman sitting in bed with her elbows on her knees wearing white lace undergarments during an inclusive boudoir shoot with NSFW boudoir in Chicago.

But, we believe that expressing sexuality is one of the most natural and beautiful ways to express part of the essence of who a person is and, obviously, the way we capture it is never going to be anything even close to distasteful or shameful. 

At NSFW Boudoir Photography, we strive to change that narrative and break stigmas around sexual empowerment. We throw conventional beliefs and perceptions out the freaking window and we don’t expect anyone to fit a specific mold or impossible beauty standard—we just want to help you see your innate beauty and embrace it. Inclusive boudoir photography isn’t just a slogan or a gimmick we throw out into the world, it’s our core philosophy—it’s who we are and how we live our lives, every dang day. 

A woman with black hair wearing pink and black lingerie laughing joyously while sitting in bed during a fun boudoir photo session in Chicago.

Here’s what we believe boudoir should mean:

Boudoir Photography is for Everyone

Yes, you read that right! Boudoir is for everyone. 

While there are several boudoir photographers out there pioneering this concept, there is still work to be done. We really want to explain to the world what inclusive boudoir photography actually means!

You don’t have to look a certain way to have boudoir photos taken: 

  • Maybe you can’t relate to the people in most of the boudoir photos you’ve seen in the past (and that’s okay, we’re out to change that!). 
  • Maybe you don’t see yourself as a “model” (also okay, 99.99% of the population aren’t models either!). 
  • Maybe you’re waiting until you feel more confident in yourself (and we get that. We’ve been there too!). 

We get it, and we want you to know you’re not alone! But guess what?! You don’t need to look a certain way to have incredible boudoir photos taken. 

You just need to be yourself.

A woman looks over her shoulder while sitting on a bed during an inclusive boudoir photography session with NSFW boudoir in Chicago.

How liberating does that sound?! Just come in for a boudoir session and be you! We’ll do the rest!

And, in case nobody has told you this lately, you are perfect, just as you are. Every “flaw”, every “imperfection” is part of what makes you beautiful and unique. And boudoir photos will totally help you realize that. 

At NSFW Boudoir, we are all about body positivity, sex positivity, and offering a judgement-free boudoir experience where you can let your freak flag fly, so-to-speak! So, whether you love being in front of the camera or it’s your very first photoshoot, we’re here to help you celebrate the incredible human that you are.

A woman in a t-shirt and lacy black underwear sipping coffee while cooking eggs in her kitchen during a lifestyle boudoir photo shoot in Chicago.

Boudoir is About Embracing Your Authentic Self

As we’ve already said (but it’s TOTALLY worth repeating), our advice to our clients is always to just be yourself. You don’t have to change anything, or do anything that makes you uncomfortable. You don’t have to worry about what we’re thinking. 

The idea of boudoir is that it’s supposed to help you feel even more comfortable in your own skin, and encourage you to love yourself just the way you are. 

That being said, we understand that boudoir photography is an intimate experience and that you might feel pretty nervous about giving it a try—we totally felt all the nerves, insecurities, and vulnerability during our couples boudoir session, but it was SO worth it. We LOVE our images SO much and we are so happy that we took a chance and put ourselves out there, past the edge of our comfort zones. Being vulnerable and embracing your sexuality can be incredibly freeing! 

Because we’ve been in front of the camera as boudoir clients, we’ve learned some great tips and tricks about getting the most out of a boudoir session. 

A man holding a woman in lingerie during a couples boudoir photo shoot in Chicago.

Here are some ways that we help our clients feel comfortable during our boudoir shoots: 

  • We make it a priority to get to know you from the moment we first speak with you. We want to understand your vision and reason for wanting a boudoir session with us in Chicago. We are happy to answer your questions, hear your concerns, and work with you to cultivate a safe and empowering environment while we capture your story and essence. 
  • We cater the session to you and your personality! Feel more comfortable at home? We’ll come to you! Not comfortable being nude or wearing lingerie? Loungewear or t-shirts can be just as fun! Want us to put on your favorite song to help you get into the right vibe during your shoot? Let’s do it! This is your story; we’re just here to help you tell it. 
  • We’re here to guide you, every step on the way. If you’re not sure what to wear, how to pose, what expressions to show, or what to do with your damn hands…we’ve got you! It’s our job to help you feel natural in front of the camera, and offer you direction while still allowing your true colors to shine. We’re here to make sure you feel comfortable and be your cheerleader.
  • Your privacy and boundaries matter. We are here to listen to and respect your boundaries. Whatever you are comfortable with, we can work with. And when it comes to image privacy, you can rest assured that your images are secure and only ever shared with your permission.
A woman in blue pajamas laying in a bed covered in feathers during a playful boudoir session in Chicago.

Our goal is to show you—the complete essence of you—in an unscripted, authentic, candid way. You don’t need to go out and get glam makeup and hair done or buy a new expensive set of lingerie, if that’s not what feels like you. Of course, you can totally get dolled up if you’d like and wear whatever you wish to your boudoir shoot, but it’s not a necessity. 

And you NEVER have to worry about posing or looking “perfect”. We are going to guide you through the entire process and make it feel natural and easy. This is our thing! It’s what we do!

Also, boudoir doesn’t always have to be about sexiness. It’s about inviting the opportunity to have your personal, intimate story told—whatever that story is. 

A woman in a black shirt and underwear laying on a couch posing for a boudoir photoshoot with NSFW boudoir.

Inclusive Boudoir is Empowering

The main reason we have fallen in love with boudoir photography and promoting body positivity is the empowerment it offers to our amazing clients. 

Many of our clients not only feel a great sense of empowerment and strength after a boudoir session, but also a sense of relief. It’s an expressive side of ourselves that we often keep hidden or maybe don’t even know exists. 

Give yourself permission to set it free, baby!

Inclusive Boudoir in Chicago

If you’re looking for inclusive boudoir photographers in Chicago, you’re in the right place! Please feel free to view our boudoir portfolio and get in touch with us if you connect with our style and values, and are ready to unleash your sensual side! 

We look forward to capturing your unique story! 

A woman in black lingerie leans up against the wall during a sexy boudoir shoot in Chicago.

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